Digital Financial Services Platform

We are revolutionizing the way financial services companies build products and manage their client contract activities. 

  • Enable our clients to deliver greater numbers of personalized products at a fraction of the cost and launch time
  • Ensure our clients lead the market in customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention, building experiences that resonate with consumer needs
  • Enable our clients to achieve full benefits from the investments in digital front end systems by providing a true digital back end core

The Challenge 

Insurers, fund managers, and lenders are investing in providing an experience to their clients that is fast, truly digital, and hassle free. Resolving these points of friction with their current technology and business operations infrastructure brings many challenges:

Excessive Product Admin and Management Costs

Admin takes 60% of operating costs and administrative personnel requirements.

Burdensome Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

More and stricter regulations increase compliance costs, and consume greater proportions of IT, legal, and operations budgets. 


Prohibitive Product Launch Timescale and Cost

Resource constraints, and costs of product development are limiting innovation and experimentation.  

Broken Consumer Digital Experiences

Effectiveness of digital consumer experiences is hindered by having to integrate with legacy back end processes and systems.

Ignatica delivers the core platform needed to build straight through, true digital client experiences

The Ignatica Benefits

Ignatica removes the burden of administering contract activities so our clients can focus on delivering more product innovation; personalized servicing; and building market leading customer experiences. We can co-exist with current platforms, helping clients maximize the value of current investments in distribution and consumer-facing systems.

Accelerated Time to Market

Fully implement new products in a matter of weeks not months. Perform full product A/B tests. 

Reporting Transparency

Audit and Regulatory compliance reporting is made simple with a transparent record of operational transactions. 


True End to End Digital

Build full digital consumer experiences beyond the front end layer, all the way through. 

Address Legacy Business

Incorporate legacy and closed blocks product-by-product at very low risk, raising profitability across the balance sheet. 

Leading organizations that use intelligent solutions to reinvent the customer experience and to drive human-machine collaboration are achieving returns in excess of 10 times their investment in the technology.

- Accenture, 2018

The Technology 

An innovative solution based on a unique blockchain implementation (distributed ledger), microservices architecture, and a data platform for providing advanced analytics, Machine Learning and AI. This architecture helps us deliver event-driven product templates to build upon and flexible automation of business processes – all of which can easily be integrated through our APIs to our clients' existing IT systems and architecture.

Cloud-Based Solution

Enterprise grade scalability and performance in a highly available cloud based platform supported by both Azure and AWS

Analytics and AI

Perform real-time analytics  like risk analysis and fraud detection. Deploy AI algorithms across all data


Event-Driven Design

Each business element is digitized and implemented so key operational events execute independently.

Integration APIs

Designed for seamless integration with other client systems thanks to our open APIs


The team at Ignatica brings together decades of experience across the technology and financial services, having held senior executive positions in multi-billion dollar multinational corporations and in the emerging technology startup environment. The leadership have a strong record of effectively delivering successful business results across the globe, and are committed to building a high performing and collaborative team culture. 

Adhish Pendharkar

Co-Founder and CTO

Manuel San Miguel

Co-Founder and CEO

Travis Callahan

Co-Founder and CFO

Sebastian Koepp

GM, Europe and Middle East

Ryan O'Sullivan

 Business Development

Mike Jones

Head of Strategy

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